The Noninvasive Heart Center
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The Noninvasive Heart Center specializes in seeing patients who have been told they must have angiograms, angioplasty, or bypass surgery because their coronary arteries are blocked due to coronary artery disease. Such patients usually have been told surgery must be carried out immediately, there are no other options for treatment, and that medical treatment with drugs will not work. None of this is true. Medical treatment not only can increase the blood flow to the heart muscle, and reduce the workload of the heart, but actually will prevent future heart attacks, and increase survival compared to angioplasty or bypass surgery. Surgery is rarely necessary, and even when necessary, never needs to be carried out immediately.


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Across the country, a prospective patient is on the line waiting for a phone consultation from the Noninvasive Heart Center in San Diego, California. A concerned, caring voice picks up the phone. The patient tells her story.

The patient says, "I failed the stress test. The doctors told me I will die if I don't have bypass surgery immediately." The kindly voice asks, "Are you having any symptoms? How high did your blood pressure go and how fast was your heart rate during the test? Did the doctor inform you the results of the test were inaccurate because your heart rate and blood pressure went so high? What medications were recommended first? Did the doctor tell you about the side effects from surgery? And did he tell you that medical treatment without surgery is an option?

Quickly the experienced professional from the Noninvasive Heart Center establishes that the patient has no symptoms in spite of an active life style including tennis three times a week. And no attempt was made to place her on a medical program first. Unbelievably she was told there were no other options for treatment, and that surgery was safe with minimal risk!

The tragedy is that the helpless, uninformed patient is frightened as never before. Who will take care of her family and growing children while she is recovering? How will she ever be able to pay for the enormous cost of such surgery? Where can she get help and guidance?

Little does the frightened patient know that the doctor has a quota---he has to perform 50-75 procedures a year to maintain his privileges at the hospital, or he will lose those privileges---and the considerable income it produces. Could it be that the recommendation for surgery was more for the doctor's benefit and not the patient? Is that why safe, successful, inexpensive medical treatment was not offered as an alternative form of treatment?

Doesn't this scare you just a bit? Shouldn't we know what our options are, and what treatments are available for heart disease if we ever develop chest pain? We know what the safety features are in our automobiles, or where to go if there is a disaster. Shouldn't we know what treatments are available for heart disease---the leading cause of death?

This is where Dr. Wayne's just released new book "Do You Really Need Bypass Surgery? A Second Opinion" comes in. Noninvasive diagnostic procedures and treatment has been used outside the United States for decades, but has remained a quiet thing because it isn't what leads to hospitals and doctors making the most money. In fact most medical schools spend little time in teaching how to diagnose and treat heart disease without surgery.

This book is not going to give a glowing report of modern medicine. On the contrary, it carries some horrifying experiences of what patients have gone through on visits to cardiologists, heart surgeons and local emergency rooms. But this book is not all negative reading. It is, in fact, a very serious scientific book which covers research on the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease over the past 40 years. It has 420 pages and 360 references to back up Dr. Wayne's belief that coronary artery bypass surgery, angioplasty and stents are obsolete. More importantly, this book describes how coronary artery disease can be a benign disease with minimal or no symptoms, and a normal life span, without stents or surgery by using modern medical treatment,

You should read this website and read his book because your life may depend upon it. If you want to live a long life and die from old age instead of from complications from heart disease or bypass surgery, then you will take the time to turn off television, print some pages from this website to show to people who are having a heart problem, and read Dr. Wayne's new book "Do You Really Need Bypass Surgery? A Second Opinion." It will be one of the smartest things you will ever do.

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